The Golfing Dads Review

Birdie Town, a golf community headquartered in Jupiter, FL that focuses on having the right gear for golfers, wrote up


The Scratch List Review

In my opinion the best part of the tee claw is the alignment aid it adds. I have been playing


Review By Jolly Roger Golf

“Ever come upon a product that is so simple and awesome all in one? The Tee Claw fits in this


Tee Claw Review – So Long Rubber Tubes

“Every year great minds come up with innovative products to continue moving the game forward. I’m talking everything from fabrics


Your Driving Range Problems Solved

“Aside from relieving the headache of not being able to practice with the right tee height for your swing, the


The Unofficial Review

“If you want to be able to tee the ball up on artificial surfaces and you don’t mind a little

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