How To Use

We offer a number of tips, tricks and training videos on how to use the Tee Claw.

Tee Claw Set and Use!

Simple steps to set up your Tee Claw.

Tee Claw Ins-and-Outs

Simple tips to get the most out of your Tee Claw.

Tee Claw Setups

Check out more simple setups on our YouTube channel.

Watch and Learn More

Improve Your Contact by Using the Tee Claw

The problem with hitting off mats is they provide poor feedback on what kind of contact you are actually making with the golf ball. With this simple Tee Claw drill a player is given a visual point of reference where to contact the golf ball, resulting in more efficient contact on the golf course!

Path Drills with the Tee Claw

This simple drill will give you instant feedback on your swing path.

Simple Tee Claw Set Ups To Get The Most Out Of Your Practice Session!

Here are a few of the many ways the Tee Claw can be used to work on your golf game.

Monitor Your Ball Position With Tee Claw

This simple set up will help you monitor your ball position while practicing. The ball position in your stance will vary depending on which club you are using. The Tee Claw gives you a great visual aid while working at the range with your assortment of clubs!

Turn Don’t Sway For Better Contact

This is a simple, effective way to improve your contact by using the Tee Claw. By visually creating a box to swing inside of, an emphasis is put on properly shifting your weight during your golf swing.

Tee Claw Tip to Fix Your Slice

A simple set up to help fix your slice. The Tee Claw is great because it gives you a visual aid and allows you to swing directly through impact!