How to be a better golfer

Ever wonder how the PGA golfers got so good? Well just like everything, it takes work and practice. Practice can take place at the driving range,the golf course, or at home. Wherever you practice, we’ve got 4 ways for you to improve your game.

Step 1: Improve your short game

Practice for 15 minutes a day. Putt the same shot a lot and try to sink 10-putts in a row. Move the position of the ball to more difficult positions as you get better.

Step 2: Practice your drive

Spend time at a driving range and be aware of your swing. When you have a decent drive try aiming for a target. Make sure to vary your targets so you can stimulate real course situations. Aim like you are shooting on a fairway. Focus on accuracy before power. 

Step 3: Develop Good Habits

Evaluate your game based on your strengths. Work on the parts that you struggle with. If you have time, hire a coach. Be Aware of your swing and the direction you normally hit the ball and adjust accordingly. Make sure to do the correct things over and over to create good muscle memory.

Step 4: Train outside golf

Watch PGA Athletes and see what they do well. Remember to work out your body and get in shape. Eat healthily and visualize how you would hit from where you are with your surroundings.

By doing these 4 things you can improve how you play and start to look like those PGA athletes you watch on TV.

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