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We’ve all spent time practicing on artificial grass mats at a driving range or golf course and had to deal with those “flimsy” rubber tubes. You walk up and down the range hoping to find a tube that’s the “right” height for your driver or stretch the tube in hopes that it’s closer to the height you desire. What happens if you want to tee up a 3 wood, hybrid or some irons? The search for another station begins! If that doesn’t work you look for a “low tube” and try to slide a real tee into an area between the tube and mat.Then your tee is either on a slant or it goes flying when you hit a shot. Sound familiar? Sure it does – we’ve all been there! Well, there is an solution to this problem – The Tee Claw!

Tee Claw States
The Tee Claw concept was borne from a desire to play better golf from synthetic turf surfaces. This is where the Tee Claw is revolutionary because now, golfers can use any sized tee from anywhere on a synthetic mat, replacing the old fixed-position rubber tube. The elastic lanyard brings additional value as it provides golfers with a visual aid for correct swing path and foot alignment, replacing bulky alignment rods. The Tee Claw delivers an easy, consistent, and realistic transition from practice sessions to the links for golfers of all levels like never before.
The Tee Claw replaces flimsy rubber tubes that slow club speed, cause mishits and unwanted side-spin. The Tee Claw is designed to fasten into a synthetic mat with a clock-wise turn. The Tee Claw accepts real golf tees wood or plastic and even broken tees for desired tee heights. The product is available in multiple color ways and is printable for logo design making it the most convenient and diverse golf tee on the market.

The Tee Claw is extremely easy to set up, has many more training applications and works with any size tee. The Tee Claw eliminates those flimsy, fixed height rubber tubes, securely fastens to any artificial grass mat and needs to be in your bag!

As we mentioned earlier this product solves a problem with practicing on artificial grass mats – we can’t find anything we would change with The Tee Claw. If we had 1 wish it would be for them to come in 4 packs instead of 3 packs with plastic tees.

To set up the Tee Claw simply fasten the lanyard to claw, insert the height tee you wish to use, twist claw into mat, attach second claw (or a tee through lanyard) to the back of mat and it’s Go Time! We hit approximately 15 drives and the claw needed to be reattached only 2 times. Every time the tee remained in the claw and produced one broken tee. We then changed to a 3 wood with much of the same results. We did break 2 tees but simply replaced them with “broken” tees that were shorter. The results with our hybrid and 4 iron were very similar and The Tee Claw performed very well throughout the bag!

he Tee Claw is one of those aids that you wonder why didn’t I think of this! The Tee Claw Team did an excellent job with the design, materials, ease of use, various height tees, lanyards and developing a solution to an issue millions of golfers face!
Props to Tee Claw!

Other Applications
As we mentioned earlier, we found a number of other uses for the Tee Claw. Simply attach one pair of claws parallel to your target line to master great alignment or make a + out of them for optimal ball position for each club. You can also align one for stance and one for club head path for a slight in-to-our swing. The Tee Claw makes an excellent putting aid too. I have a straight back straight through putting stroke and set up “tracks” on the putting green to groove my stroke. By doing this you focus on simply rocking your shoulders to get the perfect stroke and follow through when putting! The Tee Claw can also be used on breaking putts to help you start the putt on the correct line! The applications are endless!

We highly recommend that if you practice on artificial grass mats and you wish to “Practice Like You Play” then order up your Tee Claw Set NOW! It takes all the frustration out of your practice session! We want to hear from you on other “discovered” applications that you find for The Tee Claw! It’s GO TIME!”

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