How to Be a Better Golfer

Last week, Craig poked a little fun at a few of the more bizarre and outlandish exhibitors at last month’s PGA Merchandise Show.

But for all the goofy and unpromising ideas we encountered, there were some that we liked.

Here are a few products that intrigued us. We’re not saying they’re going to be the “next big thing” in golf, but we’re staying tuned to see how they progress…


One of the worst parts of having to practice off mats is that the pre-fab rubber tees are rarely the correct height. This little device digs into the artificial turf and allows you to prop a real golf tee into it. Due to the tee-claw’s height, though, make sure you use short tees, as the device does sit up above the level of the mat.

Other promising products mentioned:
BioMech AccuLock Putter
Biion Golf Shoes
DST Golf Training Clubs
SnapCam Headcover Kit

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