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The Tee Claw
There is nothing worse than getting to the driving range, expecting to hit off of the grass, only to find out that the grass area is closed and that you’re confined to the grass mat area. There will be no divots to learn from, no tee for your 3-wood/hybrid and the dreaded rubber tee L. The rubber tee may be single-handedly the worse thing to happen to the grass mat. It may be durable, but one can’t help but be angry at the inability to adjust the tee height and one must cringe at the feel of their driver hitting the big, bulky and eerily flexible concoction that is used world-wide to tee up ones ball.
What if you could use the same tees on the grass mat as you use on the course? What if you could adjust the tee height? What if you could do all of these things and have your tee double as an aid for alignment, ball position and/or swing path?
That’s where the innovative Tee Claw comes into play. Designed to replace and be more versatile than the rubber tee, the Tee Claw is a well-overdue upgrade to how we hit the range and the perfect way to replace the rubber tee and alignment sticks.
Design – The Tee Claw has a very unique design that consists of a round, plastic base with claws (for lack of a better word) that cling to grass mats after twisting and a hole in the center that accepts all standard tees. Tee Claws also come with elastic, nylon stings designed to attach to the bottom of the Tee Claw in order to create the alignment aid of your choice. To sum it up, a simple and effective design that allows you to use your favorite tee and leave your alignment sticks in the bag.
Note: The Tee Claw will also work on your carpet, but your significant other may not approve Performance –
The Tee Claw performs as advertised. My tees fit very snug in the device and performed as if I were on the opening tee box (minus the first tee jitters). I was able to easily add the nylon strings to the convenient slot under the Tee Claw and create a stance and ball position aid. The Tee Claw performed as advertised.
Durability –
After several range sessions, and numerous alignment and tee combinations, the Tee Claw withstood all of the endless combinations and battering that I put it through. At one point, I used 4 different Tee Claw units in order to help with teeing the ball, alignment and swing path. Throughout my testing, the integrity of the Tee Claw did not waiver (even after striking the actual unit with a couple of fat 3-wood shots – OOPS!) The durable materials and innovative design will keep Tee Claw in your bag for a very long time.
Verdict –
If you EVER hit off of a grass mat, Tee Claw should be a staple in your bag. Say no to the rubber tee and leave your alignment sticks in the bag; everything you need to replace those two things is revolutionized in the Tee Claw and at a great price point.

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